Dyrssen Award 2019

The competition for the Dyrssen Award 2019 was tough! The evaluation of the nominated theses was carried out by the Board on the basis of the general interest and value of the studies, the level of knowledge of the author, the performance of the study, and the presentation of the work.

The board has decided to award the Dyrssen Award for the best MSc thesis in marine sciences to:

Kyra Spaan (Stockholm University) for her thesis “Fluorine mass balance in marine mammals from the Northern Hemisphere – a combination of targeted, total (organo)fluorine, and non-targeted analysis”. In her study, Spaan quantified and identified organofluorine substances in livers from different marine mammal species and demonstrates that exposure to these chemicals is currently underestimated.

The Dyrssen Award for the second best MSc thesis goes to:

Felicity Pike (Stockholm University) for her thesis “The social-ecological domains of the seagrass-associated invertebrate gleaning fishery in Zanzibar, Tanzania”. In her multidisciplinary study, she assessed the different ecological, social and economic aspects of gleaning (i.e. collection of invertebrates) – a process often ignored in conservation and management plans.

The official prize ceremony will take place 12-13 November in Öregrund during the Marine Science Days at SLU Aqua, where the winners have the opportunity to present their research as a part of the conference.