Marine Research Days

The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences (Svenska havsforskningsföreningen, SHF) organises the Swedish Marine Science conference (Havsforskningsdagarna) once a year. The conference is an interdisciplinary marine conference where scientists, officials, consultants, biologists, chemists, oceanographers, engineers and geologists meet and share their experiences and knowledge during a small-scale, 2-3 days conference.

Everyone who works in Sweden in marine research and surveillance, or who in other ways has a special interest in issues related to our marine areas, is welcome to participate and share their experiences and knowledge during this conference. Participants are welcome to present their work orally or as a poster, and SHF also invites interesting and inspiring speakers each year. The marine research days are an excellent opportunity to present the latest research and projects that are ongoing at national level.

The conference Marine Research Days 2024