Dyrssen Award 2020

The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences are very happy to announce that the Dyrssen Award 2020 for best Master's Theses within Marine Sciences go to:

Adele Maciute (1st prize) for the thesis Oxygen respiration rates by aquatic nematodes.

Monica Tenorio de Figueiredo Gabell (2nd prize) for the thesis Seasonal changes in habitat use by fishes within a shallow tropical seascape.

The evaluation of this year's nominated theses was particularly difficult as all dissertations were very interesting, well written and were of generally high quality. The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences is therefore also very happy to award honorary mentions to:

Emelie Rietz (honorary mention) for the thesis Evaluation of Sentinel-2 and RapidEye imagery for measurements of submerged aquatic vegetation.

Anna Lunde Hermansson (honorary mention) for the thesis Solubility of calcium carbonate – Development of methods to measure dissolution of CaCO3 minerals.

The Dyrssen Award

The Dyrssen award was initiated by the SHF in honor of David Dyrssen (1922 - 2011), emeritus professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Gothenburg. As one of the founding members of the Swedish Society for Marine Sciences, he spent his career being an active proponent for the promotion of trans-disciplinary research for the marine sciences.

Master science theses in the marine field approved between July 1st 2019 and June 30th 2020 are eligible for the 2020 Dyrssen award. The project must be within a marine science discipline and be examined at a university in Sweden. The Swedish Society for Marine Sciences (SHF) manages and appoints an annual winner of the Dyrssen Award. The award is given to authors of the two best master science theses in the marine field. The award is 10 000 SEKfor the best thesis and 5 000 SEK for the second best thesis. The Awards are presented during the Society's annual meeting.